Photo Courtesy of Miss Sabrina Luv

Welcome to The Sensual Touch, a website for those who love FBSM!

Are you an FBSM Artist a connoisseur or fan of FBSM, or just someone curious about it? Then this is your place.  This is your Home.


What is “FBSM”?

FBSM stands for Full Body Sensual Massage. This is a physical art form involving touch, massage, and many other things in which to explore the very essence of sensuality. It isn’t about sex. While a recipient of FBSM may feel certain therapeutic benefits of FBSM, it isn’t about therapy of the body. It is about awakening the senses and discovering the nature of each person’s sensuality.

There are many styles & techniques of FBSM. Many different philosophies. In fact, FBSM is as variable as the artists who practice it. No two FBSM Artists are alike, and so no two styles are identical.



Are you ready to explore the world of FBSM? Then take a look around The Sensual Touch. Over time there will be many stories shared, ideas expressed, and news to be had. This is the new home of FBSM on the Internet. Here you will find information about FBSM in general, profiles of FBSM Artists, tips on how to explore the world of FBSM, and news related to FBSM. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences–YOU can help grow this website, whether you are an Artist or a Fan. Enjoy!





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